Morocco Animal Shelter Forced To Relocate After 12 Dogs Killed

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A poison attack on a Moroccan animal shelter has killed 12 dogs after poisoned meat was thrown into the charity's yard.
Moroccan Animal Aid (MAA) has been forced to relocate after offal and intestines thought to have been laced with poison were eaten by the dogs after allegedly being thrown over the fence by a neighbour.
Workers attempted to revive the dogs, pumping their stomachs of the meat which came out so covered in poison it made the rescuers ‘eyes sting' according to founder Lucy Austin, but nine of the dogs were killed.
Three more died in the months after the alleged attack, which took place during the month of Ramadan, because there were no vets available to treat the animals.
Austin said: ‘The same thing happened a few months later. In that case, however, we were able to take all the dogs to the vet where they were given an antidote for the poison and were put on special medi

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MAA reported the incidents to the police, but according to Austin 'nothing happened... officers came to the shelter and took my statement and that was it, we never heard anything from them again.'
Agadir police did not respond to requests for comment.   
Austin said the pair of attacks were a 'catalyst' for the charity to move premises 'outside of a residential district, in a more rural area with more space'.
‘We have more animals every day. We have rescues every day. We don't plan to expand but it's just what's happening. We are getting far more animals in than we have managed to get out for adoption.
‘Where we can, we have moved towards vaccinating and sterilising animals and putting them back on the streets, but that is not always possible.
‘Often they need long term care and once they are rehabilitated it has been too long for us to put them back on the streets so we keep them.'
Austin explained MAA sends dogs to Swindon-based dog charity SN Dogs to help get the animals adopted outside of Morocco, clearing the shelter for new arrivals.
‘We hope to complete the move across to the new premises as soon as possible, within 12 months, so we can get away from the threat of poison, but it is really a case of financial support.
‘The more money we have the more likely we are going to be able to hire the right people to bu

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